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Uncanny X-men #20

I absolutely love Scott and illyana relationship in the most recent run of X-men. 
She is like the little sister  that he never had…
everyone is bust Scott’s ass over Xavier and Illyana is like..
"Really ya’ll chill the fuck out…I’m Queen of Limbo. I could tell you some of the shit that I’ve done." 
Random Marvel Character.: But  Xavier blah blah…
Illyana: QUEEN. OF. LIMBO. AKA Hell.   Yes the devil is a smoking hot blonde in two piece  with a sword that  tear your soul  asunder.  

And bffs with Kitty Pryde. Seriously Illyana is the shit.

I like that Dev Hynes was having sex with mans because he really thought he was gay doe. 

Charli XCX/Starkey, Lost In Space (feat. Starkey)

Storm, Wolverine & RogueBy John Romita Jr. (pencils), Dan Green (inks) & Glynis Wein (colors)UNCANNY X-MEN #179 (Mar. 1984)