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What if the Raspuations were a Russian sitcom?

Magik’s suitors always having to deal with two older imposing big Older brothers.

Or Colossus have the most simple power of the three but getting to join the defenders and the xmen and basically being the most famous but with a less effective power.

Or Yana and Pitor go meet up with other super hero sibilings at the local rec center. Like the Maximoffs twins , the fenris twins or the Beaubier twins. To only realize they arent twins so they didnt qualify.

This is what im thinking about when im drawing and i thought i should share.


Another SDCC commision down.



I’m proud of this piece and it’s sort of a milestone in my art. This 9x12 commission of Magik and Shadow cat was one of the fist watercolor pieces I did after a long time of digital. I found working on the computer for so long actually helped me be more confident with my colors.

I love this. Magik’s collar, Kitty’s curls, and everything about Little Lock’